October 6th, 2004


because i was bored and i thought so true and funny!

You Know You're Latina When....

You can fight two struggles everyday and make it look easy.

You can make a child happy on Christmas Day even if he didn`t get a damn thing.

You are admired and fantasized about by men of other races and know that when you do cross over it's done out of sincerity, not a political move.

You watch other women pay plastic surgeons tons of money for physical features you were already born with.

You curse a man out, make him feel like crap then, make love to him the same night and make him feel like a king.

You can wear the hell out of spandex

You can raise a Doctor, a World Class Athlete and an A+ student in an enviroment deemed by society as dysfunctional, broken, underprivileged and disenfranchised.

You can heat a whole house in the winter without any help from the gas company.

You can go from the boardroom to the block and "keep it real" in both places.

You put a LATINO and his non-LATINA date on pins and needles just by walking into a room.

You wear big hoop earrings, 3 1/2 inch heels, and a miniskirt to work - and make it look professional.

You can live below poverty level and still set fashion trends.

You look 21 even though you're 31.

You're proud to be latina - and you pass these jokes on to all your latina friends!

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