September 7th, 2004


oh dear god!

hehehehe...well this is the last day of my summer. (tear)...i go back to my hell. oh well i'll live. anywho, i must say i've had a hell of a summer! One im still laughing about..."don't touch me! Don't fucking touch me!" heh...maybe the bitch will learn.

In other good summer shit! i got to dance with a gorgous girl, and make out with two. what else did i do? Got shit faced when ever i got the chance. Spent time with the most awsome bitch i know! And laughed my ass off every minutew with her. Oh yeah good times!

And im looking forward to the fall. Type O Negative, whoot! And salem on Halloween! gonna be a fucking blast. Not to mention two of my boys are back. i got to see then a few days a go, thanks to my baby. which i hope she feels better now. hehehehe...

anyways i'm set for today.
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