February 4th, 2004



well to start off today....hmmm yesterday was an ok day....a long day....ugh...i hate visual language! its so borig sometimes. hmmm...yesterday i bought two Poppy z. Brite books...me happy ..i got The Crow and Drawing Blood...yeah!...i can't wait to start reading them...right now i have school to think about, so its a little harder to have some free time to myself.......i can't wait till spring break...im like practically counting down the days! hehehe....yeah i just got a voice message from my girl!....hmmm....i love her to death....

anyways thank you matti for the e-mail....so yea come visit me at work sometime....k?

today i really don't know what to write about except for this poem i read yesterday....my dad has like these short stories of the crow and this poen really caught my eye..

Joy Divided

joy divided
life like blood
staining anointing
wetter than death
lacquered smile
straining enjointing
to tear us apart
and again
bitter wind
darkest friend
savier sin
beginning end
as the crow flies
the sadest song

~ Douglas E. Winter

i donno i really like this poem...i kinda agree with it...

well anyways lots of love!
big hugs and kisses,
<3 angel
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