January 29th, 2004


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im a happy girl, granted i had to get up at like 4:30, but im good. i got my class changed and im happy.....anyways.....

yes mattie im the angel from high school! hehehe! you just made my day sweety. funny thing is me and meg were just talking about you yesterday. i miss you sooooo much. we really gotta chill boy! megs and i are probably hanging out next week, maybe you can hang out with us. that would be nice....thanks for commenting on my journal hun! lots of love to you! xoxo.

well as for yesterday, i hung out with megs....hehehehe...we went on a mini road trip to silver city gallaria mall..hehe..that was pretty funny. we went on a little shopping spree...had a blast...we haven't had just a megan and angel day in a long time....plus things have been shitty so it was good for us. thanks hun! i hope it cheered you up, and i hope the notes did too....I <3 U chickarita!

well im only running on 4 hours of sleep, so i don't now how long im gonna last...heh..so yeah imma a little loopy right about now....well atleast i go home at 12:30 today...im so mad because this is supposed to be my day off! but i had to come in to meet my teacher and get the assignment....well i g2g cuz i gotta check out a few things and my break will be over soon.

big hugs and kisses
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