December 30th, 2003


feeling better

well its been a while since i wrote anything...actually its harder to get to a computer since im not in school...well...what to start with X-mas was ok. it could have been better...what i want to talk about most is the past two days....i just want say these past two days have been the best that i have ever had in a long time...i feel really lucky to have the two very best friends in the world! i love you guys so much!you two don't know how much really do mean to me....the clud on sunday was a blast!!! even though i think we all kinda felt like shit i can safly say i was glad just being with megan and keith for awhile....and megzie you looked beautiful and keith you looked just as perty! really keith eye linner looks great on you! :)
and as for the boston trip....that was fun too...spent so much money!....but im happy ;P glad that you guys were able to me shannon...i hope you had fun hun!...we defently have to do that again some time soon....well im really tired...and i can't wait till new years eve....
megzie if you read this, give me call ok? me and keith were wondering if want to chill at my house later...i got my pics developed and so did keith....we figure we watch a movie or something...oh yea have you asked your mom about going over keiths yet?....anyways...just call me ok...i love you hunnie!
~hugs and kisses
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