December 4th, 2003


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hey kiddies! well yesterday was fun...i got my pictures back!(jumps up and down. HEY!...well me and keith had fun...first we stopped by his house so he could piddle..i met his mom. shes nice...then we went to the mall and i got megzies present. Success! i found what i was looking for! yeah! hehehe..then after that we got something to eat at papa ginos. bread stickS...yummy! then i got hyped up on sourpatch...he bout like a half a pound of candy for me...thanks kieth! my teeth are proubly gonna rot out of my head...oh well...after that we chilled at his house and watched family guy..Funny!...then we left his house and tried to get a hold of megzie but she didn't pick up the phone...we were supposed to save her...did you have a good time hun? well all and all it was a fun night....well i don't feel good and i gotta go...lots of love...
~ angel
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