November 21st, 2003


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" For beauty is nothing but the
beginning of terror
we can just barely
endure, and we
admire it so because
it calmly disdains
to destroy us."
~ Rainer Maria Rilke
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yes, im just sitting here...bored as all fuck...right now i should be baby sitting..but i locked the kid in the no no ...just kidding! the kid i babysit is at some kind of cheerleading party. oh boy! i get payed to be on the about that?...hehe its great!..she should be home soon..then off to bed at nine for her..hey!..hehe...yea megs you know you're laughing..its not funny..heh...
well i got to go to work sad..i don't want gonna be there from 10am-9:30pm...but hey i get payed sunday, so its all good...
what else? well tomarrow im supposed to see gothica with megs and keith after work, which i can't wait! it better be good because i've been waiting like a month to see it. well nothing interesting has happened in the last few minutes. so im goona go...
~hugs and kisses
<3 Angel
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