November 20th, 2003


the need for time

well...every thing turned out ok for the most part....thanks for the comment yea doll!! ok to start right now im at school and on my break, so this is my relaxation still getting over a lot of shit, but i guess ill be able do that now with my boyfriend out of the way.
you see, my boyfriend is being really annal and reall pain in my we are taking a little break...granted i feel terrible, but i need space....hes the type that smothers terribly and feels that no one ( and i mean NO ONE ) is allowed to have me other than him.....well he pushed to far and hes making my life a living hell....which puts me in a bad mood....its like now im not even allowed to hang out with my best freind for to seconds with out being up my ass! and to top it all off when i get pissed or depressed i take it out on her and she doesn't need it. so as meg would say, " kill him! kill him the face!"so yea.
oh i want to thank keith for walking and talking with was real sweet of you and it helped out lot....luv yea too hun....big hugs...and he told me somethig i should explain....
ok, i know latly i haven't been myself...i haven't been the angel i uasually am....and yes it has to do wuth Joe ( the boyfriend)....lately i my seem a little off than usaull...well he make s me so wrapped up tring not to hurt him that it gets in the way of everything else. im sorry for that......i don't mean to be sad all the time....its just he makes me so not happy and thus the break.....i just need time.....
well i need to go my break is over.......farewell.......
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When a girl says she needs a break, what do boys think we mean!? I mean for fuck sake guys!! when she says she needs a break don't be calling! Shit!
Anyways i had to get that out...thankyou...
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